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Nothing speaks more highly of our service and capabilities than the positive experiences of our customers. Please take a moment to read what our satisfied customers have to say.

Wendal Horlocker
Delaware County Probate and Juvenile Court

On September 11, 2010 the daycare center next door to our Courthouse caught fire. We are grateful that no one was harmed including the first responders who contained the fire.  We did suffer extensive smoke damage to all of our Court documents and Electronic equipment.  Unfortunately, this all took place two weeks before we were scheduled to move into a new office space.  We were lucky to have a place to go, and the speedy restoration of our electronic equipment and our court documents by ERS was instrumental in helping us provide the highest quality service to our community with a minimal amount of business interruption.  ERS's attention to detail, responsiveness and professionalism was evident during every step of the collection, restoration and delivery process. 

ERS helped reduce the stress of a traumatic situation with the quality of their work.

Wendal Horlocker
Delaware County Probate and Juvenile Court
Programs and Facilities Department Head

I was amazed at their attention to detail.  I hate to imagine what a painstaking process that must have been.  I really appreciate both the effort and the quality of the results.  -Josh W-

It was nice that they seemed to listen to what you needed or asked and then follwoed up right away.  -Renee L-

Harpeth Presbyterian Church

Harpeth Church has always called itself "the little church down by the river."  But our beautiful location just a few yards from the Harpeth turned into a disaster zone almost instantly when a 14" of rain fell in two days back in April.  The normally quiet stream turned into a raging river out of control as flood waters breached the levee and surrounded our historic little church.  To our horror, huge tides of stinky brown raced through our beloved Sanctuary, creating a true emergency as original 19th century pews stood knee-deep under the flood.

For me as Director of Music, the scariest part was seeing our big Allen electronic organ go under two-and-a-half feet of water.  The Pastor called ERS/Electronic Restoration Services right away and in no time their technicians were on the spot assessing the damage to our beloved instrument and taking immediate action to prevent further damage and to start drying it out.

Honestly, I thought our Allen, which is the heart of worship at Harpeth, was a goner.  I was already worrying that we might have to start raising funds for a new instrument, a task that could take years, given all the other storm-related expenses we faced.  So, months later, when we had our appointment with the specialist from the Allen Organ Company come to make a final trial of the playability of the organ, I was nervous.  I was preparing myself to find the instrument completely unusable, a piece of our history that was doomed for the wrecking crew.

Imagine my relief and surprise when the Allen technician turned the organ on and put his hands on the keys -- the big organ sound reverberated so loud in the empty Sanctuary, it was almost deafening. WHAT A JOY!!!  The Allen guy, who has seen it all, said the recovery of our organ was "a miracle," a miracle helped along by the prompt and professional quick action by the ERS team.

Now, six months after the river burst the banks of the levee, we are getting ready to move back into the renovated Sanctuary. And as the choir heads down the aisles for that first processional since the disaster, our Allen organ will be pouring out the glorious sounds of triumph over adversity. Thanks to Electronic Restoration Services, we're back in business at Harpeth Church. Halleluiah!

Sincerely yours, 
Biff Fink
Minister of Music
Harpeth Presbyterian Church 

Mike Snyder
Disaster Recovery Team

I want to thank you and the ERS team for being a SERVPRO partner.  As we travel to several projects in multiple states it has been a pleasure to work with such a professional organization as ERS.  SERVPRO has become accustomed to the prompt and highly skilled service received during the fire and water restoration projects we have jointly processed.

ERS has continuously demonstrated the necessary skill set to remove, clean, and restore electronics with impressive data recovery success rates.  Their ART Division has also proven to be a valuable asset when the need arises to protect and restore valuable pictures and artwork owned by the client.

The organization of the removal and storage process for documents is second to none.  I have witnessed several large projects in court houses, city halls, etc, in which valuable and historic paper had been retrieved from the wet and soot contaminated environments only to be dried, cleaned, and restored.

Thanks again for the continued appreciation we have for our partnership as I look forward to utilizing ERS on upcoming projects in the near future.


Mike Snyder
Disaster Recovery Team

Larry Kegg
Plant Engineer

“In the middle of our busiest month we had the very unfortunate event happen to our facility. The wood roof caught fire. The fire was fought defensively from the outside of the building. This caused the entire roof and ceiling to collapse onto our production lines underneath. What a mess.

We needed to get back into production as quickly as possible, but where to start.

Thankfully, we were made aware of ERS. ERS's personnel set our minds at ease with their clear presentation of the scope, cost, and time line of the necessary rebuilding of our production lines.

They quickly removed the pieces of equipment that could be rebuilt off site while our building was reconstructed.

After the building reconstruction was completed, ERS was ready to reinstall the rebuilt equipment. The equipment was delivered promptly and put in place.

All through this process ERS worked with our plant personnel to design and build a modern control package that has proven very functional to this day.

The entire experience was handled by ERS in a very professional and timely manner. We were very pleased with the continuous supply of information from ERS regarding the problems that cropped up and their innovative solutions to those possible setbacks.

It would be great if these kinds of events never happen, but because unfortunate things do occur, it is great to know that a company like ERS exists and that they do respond in such a prompt and professional manner.

Thanks ERS.”

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ERS "Miracle" saves our musical Organ
- Harpeth Presbyterian Church
Harpeth Presbyterian Church