Franchising – Are we a good fit?

Please take a brief moment to fill out our self-qualification quiz.

1. Do you consider yourself a good team player?
2. When your supervisor asks you to do a project, do you tend to follow the way it has been laid out?
3. Would you be comfortable as a "team leader"?
4. Are you comfortable using your employer's business systems?
5. Do you consider yourself a flexible person?
6. Do you consider yourself a problem solver?
7. Are you a good "idea" person?
8. In a franchise system, it is common for a long and detailed operations manual to be in place for you to follow.
Will you follow it, closely?
9. In a new franchise start-up, it's pretty common to not be able to draw any income from the operation for the first year. Do you feel that you will be patient enough to follow the system, during that phase?
10. As you look back on your work life, would you consider yourself to be a rule follower, or are you a person that tends to make your own rules, to achieve the desired results?

If you answered "yes" to 7 or more of the above questions, you could be an excellent ERS franchisee prospect! We highly encourage you to continue your exploration of the opportunity.

If your score was under 7 and your interest level remains high, we would still appreciate the chance to speak with you.

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