Data Recovery For Businesses

Any business owner knows that once your computers or hard drives have been compromised for any reason, so too has your business. Recovering electronic data records, your strategic asset, is vital to resuming business operations. Industry statistics tell us that 43 percent of companies who experience a data loss disaster never reopen, and of those that do reopen, 29 percent close within two years.

Vital information used on a daily basis is too valuable to leave to chance. When disaster strikes, it can be devastating to the livelihood of many. Possible reasons for data loss include:

  • Corrupted file structure
  • Corrupt firmware
  • Accidental deletion or reformatting
  • Power surge
  • House fire
  • Flood and water damage

Our IT technicians – equipped with years of experience and the latest technology – provide complete and timely recovery of data, as well as restoration of computer hardware. Our process for recovery data for the following mediums is similar.

  • Diskettes
  • Hard Drives
  • Digital Video
  • Videocassettes
  • Audiocassettes
  • Data Cartridges
  • Flash Drives
  • Memory Cards

Our Process

1. Evaluation

Determine the exact failure mode of your drive(s) and recommend best course of action.

2. Recovery

A recovery specialist will perform necessary repairs to restore function of your drive and perform data extraction on to one of our secure storage arrays.

3. Media Transfer

Once the recovery is performed, your data will be transferred to media of your choice. (i.e. CD, DVD, External Drive)

What steps do I take to retrieve my data
and stop further data loss?

  1. Immediately power down your system using the power button or pulling the power cord, and not using the shutdown feature of your system.
  2. Do not re-power your system.
  3. Do not run any file recovery or system recovery software.
  4. Consult a recovery specialist that will help analyze your particular situation in order for you to make an informed decision.
  5. Send your media in for an evaluation. This will determine exactly what data is retrievable as well as the cost associated to retrieve the data.
ERS's personnel set our minds at ease.
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