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Type of Loss:
A fire started on an idled 3,000 Ton Injection Molding Machine during the third shift of a tier one automotive supplier. First responders were able to extinguish the machine fire before it spread in the plant. However, the machine was considered a loss and 50,000 sq. ft. of automated assembly area was covered in highly corrosive soot.

Challenges to Overcome:
1. The customer on a just in time delivery schedule with several automotive assembly plants and had to resume critical operations in 12 hours or would shut down an auto assembly plant.
2. The fire occurred on a Friday morning at 1:00 a.m. and all automated work cell (40+ Machines) had to be operational by start of first shift Monday morning.
3. The 3,000 ton injection molding machine had only one back-up machine at the plant and had to be replaced or repaired in 16 weeks. A new machine was  mill3ion dollars with a delivery schedule of 42 weeks. The OEM would not rebuild the existing machine on site and warrantee it considering all the fire damage.

Mitigation Response:
1. ERS, Inc. mobilized over 30 technicians and immediately started to clean and restore the following critical pieces of equipment for production due in 12 hours.
        - 3,000 ton injection molding machine adjacent to the fire damaged one.
        - Two Fanuc robots and unload conveyor.
        - Four door panel assembly lines (including 12 automated assembly machines).
2. Worked with Cause and Origin Engineering Investigators to preserve suspect area of machine and removed to their site for evaluation.
3. ERS developed strategic plan to rebuild 3,000 ton machine and two Fanuc robots on site within the required time frame.

1. ERS met all critical production start-up deadlines for customer.
2. ERS restored the fire damaged machines to better than pre-loss condition using the latest in controls technology within the required time frame.
3. Total restoration of the 3,000 ton injection molding machine and two Fanuc robots was less than 20% of new and included a one-year warranty of parts and labor.



ERS's personnel set our minds at ease.
- Larry Kegg
Old Dominion Peanut Co.

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