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Type of Loss:
Fire started in a food processing plant due to a faulty piece of equipment located near the roof. The fire was so intense the roof collapsed over two production lines and causing further damage to the burned, smoke and water contaminated equipment.

Challenges to overcome:
1. The loss occurred in October, entering the customer’s busiest time of year and prolonged downtime would drive their customers to other suppliers.
2. The building had severe damage but was part of a complex. Multiple buildings used for various types of food processing so it was not an option to move the business.
3. The two production lines were over 30 years old and built mostly in house without any mechanical drawings. No specifications available other than customer line rates were available. Both lines would have to be reverse engineered.
4. After the building was available to start installation we only had six weeks to get both processing lines into production.

Mitigation Response:
1. All equipment was removed through a hole in the roof prior to any building repair and sent to our corporate headquarters for engineering evaluation.
2. Met with customer engineers and personnel to determine line requirements.
3. Started meeting with vendors of similar equipment to determine what was available and what would have to be custom made.
4. All equipment that was salvageable was cleaned with our proprietary cleaners and staged for shipment.
5. Started installation of equipment while building was still being repaired.

1. We met the required start-up dates for both processing lines.
2. The production output was twice the volume of the old processing lines.
3. The customer reduced direct labor by 60 percent.


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