Frequently asked questions

What do I do if my electronic items are wet or smoke damaged?

Immediately power them down!  Water as well as smoke is conductive and will cause internal shorts and short/long term intermittent failures. 

Can light smoke damage cause shorts or long term failures to my electronic equipment?

Yes. Carbon black is conductive and corrosive.  Immediate corrective actions by a certified technician will insure the item is restored to its pre-loss condition.  

Does ERS have a warranty policy?

ERS does offer a one-year warranty to the peril from the date of loss.  ERS is also ISO-9001:2008 certified.

Does ERS have a Quality Management System?

Yes.  ERS is ISO-9001:2008 certified and has over 40 collective years of experience in the Quality Engineering Disciplines.

Can a Lightning Strike Damage my Electronics?

Lightning strikes have been known to cause damage to electronic equipment up to a-half-mile from the point of contact, although this is rare. More localized strikes within 100 yards from the point of contact tend to cause more notable damage to the equipment's performance.  Proper testing and validation can insure the equipment has not been effected and the reliability has not been jeopardized.

Can ERS retrieve my data?

Yes.  ERS has had tremendous success in data recovery.  Most of the damaged drives have been underwater for several days to almost completely melted from a fire.  We take pride knowing some of your most valuable information and family pictures are stored on your hard-drive.