Your Recovery is Our Specialty

When faced with a business interruption due to a fire, smoke, water, chemical contamination, power surge or outage, a call to ERS will quickly launch the recovery process. Within hours of the call our ERS First Strike Recovery Team will be on site to assess the damage, minimize further problems and develop a recovery plan to put the business back in operation. Our team is prepared with the requisite skill sets, experience and innovation to restore your production facility to a level equal to or exceeding pre-disaster capability.

Our most recent rebuilds have yielded an average 15% overall increase in work efficiency/productivity over pre-disaster operations. Recent rebuild projects include the following equipment and controls:

  • Global IT centers and networking systems
  • Fully automated plants
  • Food processing equipment
  • CNC machines
  • Mills
  • Stamping processing equipment
  • Lathes
  • Injection molding machines up to 3,000 tons
  • Blow molding machines
  • Thermo-form molding machines
  • Robotic and mechanical arms
  • PLC controls and custom programming
  • Conveyors - pneumatic, hydraulic and electric
  • Quality control clean rooms
  • Laser cutting controls

Business Interruption

The focal point of our customer expectations/satisfaction is derived from the minimization of business interruption. We are skilled at navigating the necessary protocols from all technical levels of on-site support, including:

  • Mobilized labs and offices
  • Back-up IT networks/hardware
  • On-site document/data mitigation with environmentally controlled units
  • OEM test and validation, calibration/certification
  • Set-up of temporary off-site office and manufacturing processes
  • Office and manufacturing rental equipment
  • Inventory control along with ”Chain of Control” processes for medical and legal records
  • Specialized/secure manufacturing processes, and all levels of safety assurance for our employees when any contaminates are present during the restoration process
ERS "Miracle" saves our musical Organ
- Harpeth Presbyterian Church
Harpeth Presbyterian Church

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